Ayurvedic Consult and Treatment Offer*


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Heal your whole self --Embrace Ayurveda through Consultation and experience bespoke Ayurvedic localized therapies. Option available to experience range of Ayurvedic therapies.  
Are you tired of trying different type of  diet to heal your digestion and gut, supplements to boost your energy, medication to  relieve pain or help you sleep better but  nothing seems to work

-- Do you experience repetitive symptoms with no diagnosis

-- Do you want to live in a state of vibrant health

--  Book your Ayurvedic Consultation to know your current imbalances, know your personalized plan of action and ways to bring harmony and solutions to address immediate and chronic problems. 

 Offer includes

  • Mini Ayurvedic  analysis lasting up to 20 mins to discover your natural Body Constitution and diagnosis of Current Imbalances including Pulse Diagnosis.

  • Receive Bespoke Ayurvedic Therapeutic treatment lasting 40 mins to alleviate pain or to feel relax following consultation.

  • Learn about how an Ayurvedic Diet, Lifestyle, treatments,  yoga or herbal supplements can help  restore your current health condition or prevent you from acquiring  disease through maintaining strong Immune system.  

Choose therapy of your choice from the option available below:  

  1. Kati Basti - Lower Back massage with back oil pooling therapy

  2. Greeva basti - Neck and shoulder massage with Neck Oil pooling therapy

  3.  Janu Basti - lower leg massage with  Knee oil pooling therapy  

  4. Spinal Health ( head, neck,shoulder and back)  herbal oil massage Therapy

  5. Facial marma massage with Nasya -Ayurvedic Nasal oil drops treatment  

  6. Facial marma massage with Karna Purana - Ayurvedic Ear oil drops treatment  

  7. Indian Head massage with Face Marma -Facial vital point massage  

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 Offer available for limited time only *

Offer includes*

£10 voucher- Use this for any of our service

Refer a friend - Both get rewarded by £10 gift voucher when book with us

voucher expires within 6 weeks from the date of issue.