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Our day to day life activities of sitting, standing, jumping, running,walking, bending, stretching, holding etc depends on integrity and health condition of the joints. One cannot imagine living and leading life happily with painful,swollen and stiff joints.

Several things like over use of joints,  joint injury, inflammatory diseases, overweight, age, family history etc can afflict the joints resulting in pain, stiffness, cartilage damage and immobility.

Thousands of year old vedic science provide long lasting  relief in all types of arthritis through specially formulated Ayurvedic Therapeutic Treatment .

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Janu Basti- Knee Oil pooling Therapy

A unique warm oil treatment for the knee provides relief in conditions like osteoarthritis, knee injuries, runner’s knee, knee bursitis, patellar tendonitis, sprained ligaments etc

General Benefits:

  • Pacifies aggravated Vata Dosha in the knee region

  • Restores the lubricating fluid in the joint and maintain the integrity of the structures involved in the joints.

  • Relieve pain and stiffness in the joint

  • Protect knee joints from age related changes


Kati prushta basti-Spine/lower back oil Pooling therapy

A unique warm oil treatment for the lower back which can be helpful in treating all lower back ailments including acute and chronic pain, nerve disorders and sciatica.

General Benefits:

  • Effective in lower back pain, degenerative spine changes, compressed discs, Sciatica, Osteoporosis, Sacro- iliac joint pain etc.

  • Benefits:

  • Relieves pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation in the lower back and lower limb.

  • Brings lightness and sense of health in the lower part of the body

  • Soothes the nerves and enhances the blood supply.


Greeva Basti- Neck Oil Pooling therapy

Greeva Basti is a special Ayurvedic treatment for different kinds of neck complaints including cervical spondylitis, I.V. disc prolapses, arthrosis, etc. A pool of medicated oil is kept in a dough dam over the affected area.

General Benefits:

  • Relieves pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulder and upper limbs

  • Relieves swelling and inflammation in the bones a soft tissue of the neck

  • Strengthens the neck, shoulders and arms

  • Alleviates associated conditions like headache, dizziness etc.