Ayurvedic Consultation and Assessment 

During an Ayurvedic consultation, Avanita  will give you an Ayurvedic assessment of your current state of health and advice to improve your health. 


  • Verbal and Visual Analysis including Pulse diagnosis

  • Discover your Mental and Physiological  type

  • Find out what are current imbalances in your system

  • Evaluation of Food habits and lifestyle

  • Advice on modification in diet and daily routine

  • Home Remedies

  • Advice on Herbal supplements and treatment plan unique to you.

  • Ongoing support through email and follow-ups


For Prevention and


Prevention in Better than Cure

Diet and lifestyle are the two indispensable components of our everyday life. Ayurveda allocates the sheer responsibility of well being as well as the lack of it to both these factors. It is also the factor over which you have the most control. You can't control the weather or the genetic make-up, but what you do every day either builds up your health, vitality, and resistance to disease or wears you down. 

Small alterations in the everyday diet and lifestyle could make you improvise remarkably on your natural well being!

An Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultation will  help you:

  • Achieve physical and mental health by gaining knowledge of your unique body constitution

  • Solution to a healthy lifestyle, optimal immunity, disease prevention and weight management based on Ayurvedic principle

  • Embrace Ayurveda and change the life for better

  • Feel much calmer, happier person 

£55                 50 mins

For the Management of Diseases

Live in Balance

Imbalances and the accumulation of toxins, which are at the root of the disease process, are often also discovered during the consultation.


Such imbalances can come from the food and drink we consume, the air we breathe, the toxins we are exposed to, and even from the weather. Wrong eating and an unbalanced lifestyle can create such imbalances, as can stress.

Once such problems are detected, our Ayurvedic practitioner can recommend treatments


  • to remove the cause

  • Provide proper regimen according to your body-mind constitution

  • Provide a detoxification process- either by palliation or elimination (Panchkarma treatment)

  • Provide rejuvenation treatment to increase immunity and to strengthen specific organs and tissues​



£55                 50 mins 

Therapeutic Yoga For Healing

Balance Your Energies

Yoga and  Pranayama( breath-management)  helps individual to allow more cosmic energy to heal the physical body and to attain awareness and harmony through control and expansion of cosmic energy by using breath.


Therapeutic yoga consultation consists of: 

  • Understanding of your imbalances affecting your physical, mental and emotional health through health assessment. 

  • Preliminary practice for beginners to prepare for Yoga and Pranayama 

  • A short session of Yoga practice.

  • Option of weekly one to one follow up sessions to reinforce your Yoga and Pranayama practice to make you confident to work independently.

  • Personalized Yoga and Pranayama practice program to keep yourself in good health or managing diseases. 

  • Ongoing support through email or message.

£55             50 mins

Ayurvedic Online Consultation 

Eternal Ayurveda is now offering an online Ayurvedic  Diet and Lifestyle Consultation.


The purpose of the Online Consultation is to provide insight into Diet and Lifestyle habits to restore health. It may help to empower you through individualized  dietary and lifestyle  recommendation, Yoga, Pranayama and home remedies. 

We strongly recommend to have your first Consultation in person and then have follow up online or over the phone. 


In circumstances, when it is difficult to do so an in depth health history provided prior to the consultation  through the 'Health Questionnaire form' and during the consultation helps to reach your wellness goal. 


£55                 50 mins

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Consultation and Treatment 

The life in the modern era, arise the need of  regular Ayurvedic therapeutic treatment to help regulate bodily function, reduce stress level and maintain strong immune system to help fight and prevent against diseases and maintain our equilibrium.

  • 10-20 minute Ayurvedic consultation with 25-35 minutes treatment

  • Ayurvedic therapy offered is individualized depending  on your Prakriti( body Constitution), lifestyle and the pain condition you are suffering or as a rejuvenation purpose.

  • Individualized therapy plan to a healthy lifestyle, optimal immunity, disease prevention and weight management based on Ayurvedic principle.

  • Advice on  wellness treatment and package option

  • Embrace Ayurveda and change the life for better

  • Feel much calmer, happier person 

£49                 45 mins

Ayurvedic Skin or Hair Consultation and Treatment 

In Ayurveda, skin and hair  is considered a manifestation of inner health. Our skin is our largest organ and what we apply on it is absorbed to a far greater extent than most of us realize. So skincare can also be a tool to balance one’s constitution and achieve healthy and beautiful skin.

  • 10 minute of  Ayurvedic consultation followed by hair or skin treatment. 

  • Skin care - Marma ( vital point ) massage is carried out with Ayurvedic herbals and aromatic oil , followed by selection of  herbs for facial and freshly made face pack to hydrate, purify, nourish and rejuvenate your skin. It takes care of acne, acne scars, blemishes, dry, oily or other skin conditions.

  • Hair Care- Head Marma ( vital point ) massage is carried out with Ayurvedic hair oil

  •  Liquid based medicine are selected as per your  body constitution is externally applied  in the form of Dhara-stream. 

  • Useful in almost all type of Hair problems, 

  • I t hydrates and moisturizes the skin of the scalp, hairline and around the neck and forehead.

£49                 45 mins

* 'Health Questionnaire Form' is requested, as it has proven to save time during the consultation from asking basic information and gives you an opportunity to express your health concerns and us more time on addressing them. It is included with the booking form, when you click 'BOOK NOW' button 

If you wish to only discuss, during the consultation appointment or would like to email explaining the purpose of the consultation please do so by emailing on



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