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mukha lepana
Back Massage
Dhara -

Experience 5000 yrs old Ayurvedic healing therapies to rejuvenate your skin, hair,eyes or spinal health.

Our Ayurvedic Practitioner uses different herbal product containing anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, analgesic, anti-stress and anti-aging properties to deliver more nutrients locally and consequently healthier eyes, skin cells and hair that hold their luster and


Immerse yourself in one of choice of therapy lasting 45 mins which can help you achieve your
health and wellness goals.


  1. Mukha lepana-Ayurvedic herbal Facial for skin treatment

  2. Dhara- Indian head massage with medicated liquid stream on the forehead for Hair therapy.

  3. Akshi Tarpana-Facial marma massage with Ayurvedic Eye pooling  therapy

  4. Head, Neck, shoulder and back Ayurvedic herbal oil massage therapy

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 Offer available for limited time only *

Offer includes*

5 mins of Health assessment to rule out contraindication for the therapy interested.

Full refund, if found unsuitable.

£10 voucher- Use this for any of our service

Refer a friend - Both get rewarded by £10 gift voucher when book with us

voucher expires within  6 weeks from the date of issue.