Yoga therapy

 Yoga is considered to be the sister science of Ayurveda and is said to have originated in India over 5000 years ago, at approximately the same time as the emergence of Ayurveda. Yoga means the experience of oneness or unity with your inner being. This unity comes after dissolving the duality of

mind and the matter of supreme reality.





Asana means a state of being in which you can remain steady, calm and comfortable, physically and mentally. Yogasanas are practiced to develop the person's ability to sit in one position without discomfort for extended lengths of time, as this is necessary during meditation.  Yogasanas can also be performed for curative or health reasons. By gently stretching the muscle, massaging the internal organ and toning the nerves throughout the body the health of the practitioner can be wonderfully improved and many diseases, even the so-called 'Incurable' ones can be eliminated or eased.





Yogasanas have a deeper significance value in the development of the physical, mental and spiritual personality, whereas pure exercise only has a physical effect on the muscles and bones. Physical exercise is performed quickly and with a lot of heavy breathing. The acrobatic, gym exercise and weight lifting systems are suitable for healthy people's to develop large muscles or flexibility. Very large muscles, in particular, require more nutrition and greater supply of blood. Consequently, the heart and respiratory system have to work much harder. In this way,  there is an exhaustion of vital energy. During young age, a person may feel fit and healthy but you grow older, the bodily functions slow down, problems of stiffness and rheumatism start to occur due to overuse of the cartilage in the bone joints. The overdeveloped muscles become flabby and lose their firmness; the muscle tissue turns into fat. If a young person, discontinue his bodybuilding practices for a month or so, will rapidly accumulate fat in place of his bulging muscles. Gym exercise, weightlifting, and other body cultures are not suitable for everyone. They do not provide the relaxation and rejuvenation which people need. 





Yes, they are completely different and far more comprehensive. Yogasanas are performed slowly with relaxation and concentration. In this way, both the external and internal; systems are influenced, so that the nervous system, endocrine glands, and internal organs, as well as muscles, are encouraged to function properly. They can be done by both healthy and people with different health conditions, young or old. They are most useful for both concentration and meditation. Other systems of physical culture increase the toxins in the body, whereas asanas reduce the toxin level. 





Physical: It is utmost important that Endocrine system is controlled and regulated so that the correct quantities of the different hormones are secreted by all the glands in the body. Even, malfunctioning may lead to noticeable loss of health. Disease organs can be repaired rejuvenated and encouraged to carry out their normal function through regular practice of Asanas. 

Mental: Asanas make the mind strong and able to endure pain and unhappiness. Equilibrium and vitality become the normal state of mind after regular practice. One becomes mentally strong to face sorrow, anxieties, and problems of the world with peace, without being disturbed. Stability of mind is developed, life becomes easy. 

Spiritual : Asanas are the third step in the Eight fold path ( Yama, Niyam, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi ) of Raja yoga, their purpose is to make body steady for the higher techniques of pratyahara

(withdrawal of the senses), Dharana(concentration), Dhyana(meditation) leading to the culmination, Samadhi(cosmic realization). Asanas have a connection with or use in treading the spiritual path. 




Is there a way to unburden from physical, mental and emotional tension and counteract the negative influences of modern life and find peace, rest and happiness. Yes, through Yoga. By doing Yogasanas one can be free from many physical and mental ailments associated with modern civilized life.All family and social relations will automatically become harmonious. You can start a new life with more vitality then you have felt for years. You will develop a broader outlook on life, and be able to understand the problems of others more easily. People who do a lot of mental work will be able to increase their thinking power, have clearer minds and develop more insight. Those who do manual work can keep themselves in good condition and relieve their tensions and strains after a hard day of work. Drugs are limited in their scope, whereas the systemic practice of yoga will take them to the ultimate goal, beyond which there is no other. 




When we think of natural energy, we imagine the energy we get from the sun, or perhaps from food. However, there is another form of energy that we develop within the human body. Traveling from cell to cell are pulsating currents of pure electrical energy. These cellular power plants supply vital energy to our organs and muscles to keep our body running efficiently. Processes that we take for granted such as breathing, cleansing, elimination, fat control and healing, all depend on these countless cellular energy plants. The 'Vital Energy Force' may sound little mystical m since it cannot be measured with conventional scientific equipment. Yet in our daily language, we often refer to our energy level, which is high at certain times and low at others. Our experience validates the concept of energy even though we cannot measure it. 




The mind and body are connected with each other by a vibrant system of inner energy that is sustained by the flow of the breath. Thus, life, energy, and breath are inseparable and deeply linked with each other. Practices that make us conscious of this system constitutes the science and ar of Pranayama. Pranayama is the 'regulation of the incoming and outgoing flow of breath' 



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