Individualized  Yoga

For Healing of body and mind

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Private One-to-One Yoga 


A private class can be the perfect way to have a low-pressure, fulfilling therapeutic yoga experience in a space that you feel comfortable in. Your health journey is personal – there is no single solution that works for everybody.  

Through working with me, you will experience a tailored and unique approach to achieving your well-being and personal goals – and leave you seriously relaxed in the process.


Our 1 to 1 yoga classes may include


  • A variety of breathing techniques, yoga postures, and exercises designed to improve your strength and flexibility.

  • Create a practice routine that fits your schedule and/or learns how to develop your own home practice

  • 60 mins of undivided attention

  • Enjoy email and text support between lessons


Small Group Yoga 

You are never too old to start yoga nor too young either. You don’t have to be bendy to do yoga nor super slim or super fit.


These small group classes are a step-by-step approach to learning the basic yoga postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. You will receive individual attention and help to correct postures, allowing you to grow into the practice at your own pace. 


The class will be based on a complete system of yoga poses and dynamic movement from old age traditional Yoga called Ashtanga Yoga. We can assure you an easeful, gentle and enriching experience.